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Guerrilla Marketing Meets Experience Strategy

Enabling organizations to tell compelling, useful, and relevant stories.

Many digital products are created with the primary purpose of delivering content to it’s users. At Hostile Sheep, we approach content-lead projects by focusing on defining content first. Figuring out why the organization wants to produce content, what content users would be most receptive to, and organizing that content into a product that users can easily interact with; this is the goal of Hostile Content. Additionally, Hostile Content includes optimization experts to ensure the proper product/market fit is maintained long-term.


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Making things people enjoy using.

Some digital products are created to fill needs associated with specific use cases. At Hostile Sheep, we approach these projects by focusing on detailing out, and prioritizing these use cases. With a prioritized list of features (associated with real use cases) Hostile Product design projects can prototype a minimum viable product quickly, and get into the testing/optimizing process. Feature road mapping, governance, and MVT planning are typically included as part of a Hostile Product design project. The organizations Hostile Sheep interfaces with often have different product development processes in place. We’re skilled at adapting our process to fit, synergistically, within another.


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Creating manageable growth, awareness, and interest.

Sometimes digital products are created with the primary purpose of creating awareness, or driving traffic, to another digital product or property. A unique process was developed by Hostile Media to facilitate awareness building by bridging experience design with social media strategy, and search engine marketing. Although, we occasionally work on one-off media projects to map out an ecosystem of awareness and engagement, we’re often engaged by clients, after partnering with them on a product design project, to drive awareness and create an amplification plan.


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You’re unique, your business is unique, your needs are unique. I’ve developed a network of industry experts; across our competencies. While we don’t offer cookie-cutter services; we can offer a custom solution that will fit your needs, budget, and timeline. We’re a small shop, so we can’t take on every job; but the ones we do take on, can be sure they’ll receive the attention, and quality they deserve.

Born from Necessity

I founded Hostile Sheep in 2012 to serve two key manufacturing clients. Both clients hired me as a freelance experience strategist, but realized we could have a deeper, more beneficial relationship. Eventually, we decided the best way to expand our relationship would be to create an ‘experience department’ that could properly integrate with their organization and serve all their UX, planning, and research needs. In 2013 we decided it would be in the best interested of the department to spin it off into its own entity: Hostile Sheep.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

– Albert Einstein

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